History of Mariavittoria: three generations in our residence

Residence Mariavittoria in Jesolo is the combination of tradition and innovation.

Here is Natalia, the cornerstone of our Residence.
Together with her husband, she founded the Mariavittoria palace, giving life to a project that will lead to winning results and great satisfaction.
Always family-run, this reality finds the winning key in the latter: making its guests feel as if they were at home, in the family.

Then there is Mariavittoria, the one who was the inspiration for the name of our Residence, the female daughter who arrived in the family after two sons: precisely for this reason her father Amilcare, founder of Mariavittoria, decides to dedicate the Residence to her.
Mariavittoria starts working at 15. Flanked by her mother Natalia, she wants to carry on the family management that so characterizes the Mariavittoria of Jesolo.
She dedicates her life to carry on the dream of a family, managing alone to take over the management that previously belonged to her parents.
To date, Mariavittoria boasts decades of experience: with her the Residence has grown and developed, including major renovations and new ideas every year.

Finally there is Carlotta, young and full of energy, who has brought freshness and innovation to the Residence Mariavittoria.
Daughter of Mariavittoria and granddaughter of Natalia, Carlotta represents the last of the three generations.
With her, the Residence has had the leap in quality towards technological innovation, today a fundamental step to reach more and more people all over the world.

Together with Natalia, Mariavittoria and Carlotta there are also Loretta, Monica and Laura, who offer their help every day and provide a peaceful holiday.

Here you will feel at home, you will see well-known faces every year, synonymous with trust and safety. The Residence is also our home, in fact we live in the building and we are therefore at your disposal 24 hours a day.

We are waiting for you at the Residence Mariavittoria in Jesolo: discover our apartments and all our services now!