For more than forty years we have always guaranteed a high level of cleaning in every apartment, but today the hygiene standards have rightly become even stricter.
Each stay must take place in a serene way. Being away from home must be, even more so today, like being at home.



Cleaning and sanitation: are they synonymous?

Although these two words are sometimes used interchangeably, from a “practical” point of view they have a different meaning.

Cleaning is the operation that allows you to remove “dirt” of any kind, from dust to greasy substances, from liquids to organic substances, etc. Cleaning can be carried out by manual removal, mechanical removal or, in some cases, by the action of water with detergent products.

Sanitization, on the other hand, represents a more advanced step than cleaning. In fact, this is an intervention that allows you to remove any microorganism (bacteria, viruses, molds, etc.) that normal cleaning is not able to eliminate. To be effective, sanitation must be preceded by cleaning.



What machines we use to sanitize the apartments?

When we have a lower technical timing, ie the day of “check out” and “check in” coincides, the most effective and at the same time less invasive treatment is represented by cold or dry mist nebulization. It is a method that allows you to quickly reach every corner of the environment to be treated by saturating the environment itself.

The machinery we use: https://www.hygienio.com/mod-b1-n1.html

When, on the other hand, we have 24 hours of difference between checkout and checkin, the treatment we use for sanitization is through an Ozone machine. The environments are thus completely purified, restoring a perfectly uncontaminated environment.

The machinery we use: https://www.zernike.it/en/product-zernike/ozonclean/

Upon completion of both methods, all apartments are widely ventilated.

In addition, our guests will receive even more attention upon arrival. These will allow to keep the cleaning standards of the residence high.
– Dispenser of hydroalcoholic solutions at the entrance to the residence
– Specific detergent for hands in the kitchen
– Kit of products for cleaning surfaces